Monday, 9 March 2015

Highland Titles And The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs Convenor

It seems the convener of The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, Sir Malcolm MacGregor, is not a Highland Titles fan either. He recently made a statement on the Bletherskite website in which he outlines his opinion of Highland Titles. It appears they do not impress him at all.

This is what he has to say.
"The lawyers have clarified that purchasing a souvenir plot of land in Scotland does not mean the purchaser owns the plot. It is still owned, in this case, by Highland Titles. The lawyers have also confirmed that purchasers of souvenir plots are emphatically not landowners.

Separately, though connected, the titles aspect of this saga also lacks authenticity.

First, only the Lyon Court can confer genuine titles in Scotland. No one else, and certainly not Highland Titles.

Second, there can only be one laird or title per geographical location. Highland Titles uses Glencoe. The genuine laird, or chieftain, MacIain of Glencoe (Clan Donald), was murdered on this day in 1692, the day of the infamous massacre. The title belongs to him and his descendants, and no one else. To suggest, as Highland Titles does, that there can be thousands of lairds or Lords of Glencoe is false.

Third, the actual place from which the title ‘of Glencoe’ is taken is in fact woodland at Duror, 10 miles away and has nothing to do with Glencoe geographically.

Fourth, the title of ‘laird’ or indeed Lord/Lady is not, and never has been, associated with a souvenir plot of land. Neither Lyon Court nor anyone else would recognise such a claim in respect of souvenir plots. Lyon has said as much in correspondence.

Highland Titles tend to work overseas where there is less knowledge of these matters. They rarely, if ever, operate in Scotland where they would be laughed out of court. Which is exactly what has has happened.

Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor
Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs"

If you paid money to Highland Titles and believed you became owner of a plot of land or gained the right to any titles with your purchase, you did not. Please make a fuss about it and demand your money back, they don't deserve to have it.

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