Sunday, 24 January 2016

Highland Titles, Wildcat Haven Is NOT a Charity, Yet You Claim It Is

Back in June 2015 (we pointed it out last October) on Facebook, we found Highland Titles claiming that Wildcat Haven, an organisation which they support, is a charity. " The Wildcat Haven as one of the key charities we support financially". Archived HERE.

Now again in January this year we find them doing it again "A good summary for our newer followers on why this charity ...". Archived HERE

Andy Wightman shares his thoughts on Wildcat Haven on his blog HERE

Wildcat Haven is not a charity. The full name of the company is, Wildcat Haven Community Interest Company, under the category Private Limited Company with Share Capital, with a registered address in Cornwall England. Company details HERE

Highland Titles surely must be aware that Wildcat Haven is not a charity. Firstly, they claim to have been supporting them for years, and you'd think they'd have found that out by now. Secondly, Douglas Wilson, a director of Highland Titles, is also a director of the WH commercial arm called Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC, as seen HERE

Douglas Wilson was also by his own admission, involved in the rip-off website, a website supplying paid for "form checking" services for otherwise free European Health Insurance Cards. It was reported in the Guardian newspaper that "This week Google removed one of the worst offenders from its ads – – after we pointed out it appeared to be breaking the rules"

Screen Capture From This Archive

There is an excellent blog detailing the involvement of the Highland Titles mob in the scam HERE

The fact that Highland Titles are claiming that Wildcat Haven is a charity when it is not, was mentioned to Wildcat Haven on twitter on 7th Jan by user Sir Lord Glencoe KBE.

To date there has been no reply from Wildcat Haven, and the Highland Titles Facebook post remains unchanged. Archived today.

So here we have two questionable organisations, Highland Titles and Wildcat Haven, lending credibility and support to one another, with a shared involvement of director Douglas Wilson, where one is claiming the other is a charity when that is not true. Where I came from, some certainly might consider that as deception.

Instead of supporting the above decidedly shady lot, if you are considering lending support for Scottish Wildcats, why not consider supporting Scottish Wildcat Action, which is supported by the Scottish Government.and other official bodies It surely must be a better bet.

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  1. Great advice here on how best to support Scottish wildcat conservation work - certainly not by giving money to either of the questionable orgs flagged in this post. Deception would also be my description of what Highland Titles are doing, but having their operation (including their own dodgy charitable trust) based in the Channel Islands there is probably not a lot that OSCR - the Scottish Charity Regulator - can do about them.
    So.... .... Caveat emptor Highland Titles and Wildcat Haven