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Can I Put My Highland Titles - Glencoe Estates Title On A UK Driving License?

This was included in another post in shortened form but I think it is worth repeating in full on a post of its own.

Highland Titles - Glencoe Estates suggest that you may be able put a title such as Lord or Lady on a UK driving license after buying one of their plots, this is not the case. If you want to find out it is an easy task to just ask the people that actually issue driving licences in the UK, the Driving And Vehicle License Agency (DVLA). An information request asking if there is a policy for titles on driving licenses was duly made to the DVLA, here is their reply.

When inputting any transaction we have to include a title, to do this we key in a
number rather than the actual title. Below is a list of the title codes: -
1 - Mr
2 - Mrs
3 - Miss
4 - Female with no prefix e.g. Jane Jones
5 - Male with no prefix e.g. David Jones
6 - Female with a different title to number 2 and 3 e.g. Dr, Lady or Ms
7 - Male with a different title to number 1 e.g. Dr, Rev or Sir
8 - Female without a surname e.g. Lady Clydach or Duchess of Swansea
9 - Male without surname e.g. Lord Pontardawe or Duke of Swansea

· If someone wants to be known by an alias use:
Code 8 for Female
Code 9 for Male

The alias must be entered in the TITLE field, not the surname and forename fields.

· When someone quotes distinction letters after their name, enter the surname as
usual followed by a comma and then the distinction.
E.g. Jones, SRN
Davies, MBE

· Service titles should be entered the same way as civilian titles :
E.g. Code 6 (female) - Brigadier
Code 7 (male) - Major

· If the applicant is found in “Who’s Who” or “Debretts”, or submits satisfactory
evidence of entitlement to a hereditary or conferred title, the application should be
keyed following the general rules for all title codes.

· Staff are reminded, however, that when keying title codes 8 or 9 the full title and
requested name must be entered. These codes will suppress all other personal
details used to create the Driver Number.

· Always DAM the licence back to check that the licence has been produced in the
correct format.

When a Title deed is received requesting a change of title e.g. “Mr” to
“Lord”, a check of “Who’s Who” (held on some Input teams and Business
Support) or “Debretts” (held in Open Resource Centre, A Block) must be
undertaken. This will establish whether the title has been ‘bought’ or has
been obtained as a genuine title. If a title cannot be located in either
publication it is safe to assume it has been ‘bought’. In such cases the
application must be rejected for a Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration as
evidence of a change of name.

· ‘Bought’ titles do not give rights to a spouse. For example a female applicant
could not claim the title of “Lady” on the strength of her husband buying a title in
his name only. She must submit a Deed Poll either in her own name or as part of
a joint title.

· The applicant should be advised that we are following the practice of the UK
Passport Agency in doing this and consequently, our procedures are subject to
change in the future

· The bought title (Lord, Baron etc) should form the first forename. The title code 4
or 5 should be used to suppress any other title.

· DAM the licence back to check.

So there you are, that is the official line from the DVLA, unless you are in Who's Who or Debretts you cannot have you title put on a UK driving license as a title. The fake titles sold by Highland Titles will not get you into either of those reference books. If you were set on having a Lord Lady or Laird title on your driving license you might be in for a disappointment.

This is yet another example of misinformation supplied by the Highland Titles scam to try to persuade trusting people to part with their hard earned money, please please please don't fall for it.

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  1. Good going, well done on this one! So the titles on driving licenses is yet another porky courtesy of Highland Titles - Glencoe Estates, and just another part of the scam.