Thursday, 28 June 2012

Highland Titles Glencoe Estates Conservation Scam?

What can you do about it if you were to discover that Highland Titles Glencoe Estates are not carrying out the conservation work that you expected? In a two words .... not much!

Here is how it works ......

When you buy a plot of land in Scotland from Highland Titles you enter into a contract to buy that plot of land and the documents that go with it, nothing else. That contract makes no mention of any promises to do anything else, you are not buying a promise to do any conservation work. As they have supplied the land and documents their part of the contract is now fulfilled and as you have paid for it so is your part, that is the end of obligation on both parties.

So if Highland Titles Glencoe Estates do not do the conservation work that you thought they were going to do, their is little you can do about it as the contract is fulfilled, you suffer no material loss as you have your land, so you have no claim.

When it comes to the conservation work that they supposedly do, it is literally a case of "Buyer Beware". They have no contract with buyers to do any conservation work, and can even should they choose to do so mislead, and say they have done work which they have not done. Legally there is little you could do about it as you have suffered no material loss.

Highland Titles Glencoe Estates are not a conservation company, they do not sell conservation. As they say themselves on the home page of their website "We only sell plots of land ."

Highland Titles Glencoe Estates as far as I am aware produce very little in the way of details of conservation work they have actually completed. Oh they have done some, but exactly how much, nobody with the exception of themselves seems to know. They do not produce yearly figures detailing for instance numbers of trees planted, locations of planted trees, yards of paths built and to what standard. They publish no figures that I can find detailing their annual income or expenditure on conservation work, making it difficult for anyone to satisfy themselves that a reasonable amount of revenue is actually being spent on conservation work.

If I go to the website of a reputable conservation charity like the Woodland Trust, I can find out pretty much everything they have been doing with locations and figures, and indeed get a copy of their annual accounts. With Highland Titles when I go to their website looking for specific numbers and locations I find ...... virtually nothing.

Is it not strange that a company who claims to be doing so much conservation works seems to have no interest in publishing exact details of their work to date, and let people know what percentage of income is actually spent on that work? You'd have to wonder if they might have something to hide?

I have a lot more evidence suggesting dishonest and unethical business practices by several souvenir plot / title vendors which I have not published.. If you are a bona fide journalist or Government department with an interest in investigating this business and would like access to that evidence, please get in touch with me by using the email address on the right or sending me a comment marked "confidential", I will not publish comments so marked

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