Saturday, 7 July 2012

Highland Titles Glencoe Estates Nature Reserve Location

The location of the Highland Titles Glencoe Estates Nature Reserve that they said they acquired in 2011 seems to have moved! They changed their "we are green" web page to say that the land had merely been leased and that it is located at Ardsheal Hill. This lease is said to expire in 2012.

The original location text was given in this extract of their website taken on 03/07/2012.

"Fund raising in 2011 has enabled us to realise the dream of acquiring a 500 acre tract of land close to Glencoe Wood and wholly within the Glen Etive and Glen Fyne Special Protection Area"

And from an email enquiry the following directions were given to the site.

"The Nature Reserve is signed posted once you are in Glencoe Wood, it is basically across the stream on the opposite side to our plots within the Conservation area."

Now the location is given as Ardsheal Hill as per this extract from their website on 04/07/2012

"This protected area, known as the Highland Titles Nature Reserve, is a large predominantly upland site known as Ardsheal Hill"

Ardsheal Hill is approximately 5 miles from Highland Titles' original Glencoe Wood, so how one would access it from that Glencoe Wood by merely crossing a stream I have no idea!

How can the same bit of land be in two different places at the same time!!

It also appears that this land was merely leased, but I can find no reference to any work done on it during the lease term or what might have happened had they not leased it. Golden Eagles in this area were already protected in Scottish law by Scottish National Heritage via the Glen Etive And Glen Fyne Protection Area. There would seem therefore little point in leasing it to protect Golden Eagles, as they were already protected by law on the Ardsheal Hill site anyway.

I don't know about you, but I certainly think there is some deception going on here! Is anybody thinking the same as me that another Glencoe Wood might appear near Ardsheal Hill?

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