Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Get A Free Plot Of Land In Scotland! Why Buy A Fake Title

Instead of paying the likes of Highland Titles Glencoe Estates, Lochaber Highland Estates, Scottish Titles or any other dubious people money for a personal right (souvenir land plots in Scotland cannot be properly owned) to a tiny square of land, get a bit of land for free!

Buy a bottle of Laphroig whisky and they will give you a free lifetime lease on square foot of land in Scotland, yes it's true!

And here is what you get

Sounds like a deal to me, the whisky is very good (trust me here I know what I'm talking about :-)), and you get a free plot of land.

Why actually buy a personal right to a worthless plot of land when you can get one for free??

No they don't claim you can call yourself a Laird, Lord, Lady or any of that nonsense, who buys a plot of land and actually really does that anyway? Though if you must you can do that for free too, just follow the guidelines here you don't even need any land to legally change your name in Scotland.

They don't even claim to do conservation work then don't do any!

So to all our friends in Australia, USA, Canada, and the rest of the world .... why are you waiting!!

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