Sunday, 5 February 2012

Highland Titles And Salmon Fishing

How about the Salmon fishing then that sounds good? Ummmm no, fact is that no mature salmon can leap the Monessie Falls, so the part of the river Peter Bevis, Highland Titles, Lochaber Highland Estates, Lochaber Country Club, offer for fishing is a bit thin on the Salmon, unless you visit the fishmonger before you go!

The only Salmon that are in that part of the river are the juvenile ones that were likely put there, they may be able to get out to sea but they won't ever be able to get back again, and anyway juvenile Salmon are protected by law in Scotland, catch one and you'll likely be breaking the law.

"Fishery board member Malcolm Spence QC said: "What Bevis is doing is completely wrong. I think it would be a criminal act to fish above the falls." "'a+bit+fishy'.-a0160995732

Anyone with genuine knowledge of and interest in conservation in the area would know that, seems to have slipped Mr Bevis' mind ..... ooops!

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