Sunday, 5 February 2012

Peter Bevis Highland Titles And The Scottish Woodland Alliance

Lets have a look at the Scottish Woodland Alliance, it can be found at This is not a registered charity, not a registered not for profit company, no other woodland conservation organisations I have contacted in Scotland have ever heard of it, the Forestry Commision have never heard of it. It seems to me to be a company started and run by Mr Bevis.

How do we know that Mr Bevis is likely to be behind it? The domain name details are as follows.
Domain name:

        Peptide Delivery Network Limit

    Registrant's address:
        St Annes House
Victoria Street St Annes
        Channel Islands
        GY9 3UG
        United Kingdom

We know that Mr Bevis used the company name Peptide Delivery Network because of the administrative contact of another domain as follows.

 Peptide Delivery Network Limit
 8 St Annes House
 Victoria Street
 St Annes
 Alderney, Channel Islands GY9 3UG


 Administrative Contact:
    Bevis, Peter

And finally the contact address given on the website is yes you guessed already.

St Anne's House
Victoria Street
St Anne, Alderney

I think it would be fairly safe to say that Peter Bevis is the Scottish Woodland Alliance, it is likely to be another one of his companies.

I find it quite unlikely a company called  Peptide Delivery Network Limit in the Channel Islands would have much interest in the preservation of Scottish woodlands!

In the entry of Peter Bevis's profile on Linkedin it says:

"Restoring Scottish woodland in association with the SWA."
Well would not be difficult if SWA stands for Scottish Woodland Alliance as it looks to me that Mr Bevis IS the SWA!  ()

What does the SWA do? Well one thing it does is invites visitors to the site to buy a a tiny plot of land via their website or buy a tree dedication via their website.The inference is that profits from land and tree dedication sales will be used for conservation projects.

Ok so what conservation projects do they run? Who knows, there is no breakdown of any monies spent on anything. There are no accurate details of location of claimed tree planting, no accurate numbers of trees planted, no accurate details of type of trees planted. These I would think would be details they would be happy to publish, but they don't.

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