Genuine Glencoe Charities

I've been asked on several occasions now if I know of any genuine Glencoe charites. I have enquired briefly and come up with two which I will list here with brief details. If there are other Glencoe charites who would like to be included on this page please let me know. I will only accept submissions from charities in Glencoe and who are registered with the Scottish Charity Regulator please forward your charity registration number.

Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team (SC015700) -
"Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team is one of the busiest and the longest established team in Scotland. With typically 60-70 call-outs every year,  Glencoe MRT cover a wide geographical area from Rannoch Moor, to the Etive hills, to the Mamores and over into Morven and Ardnamurchan.

The team is made up of dedicated and highly experienced but unpaid volunteers who operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, in what are at times extremely harsh and unforgiving conditions.

Despite the fact that the team members are unpaid volunteers, it still costs tens of thousands of pounds every year for the team to operate. A very small part of this funding comes from the Scottish Executive."

The Glencoe Heritage Trust (SC033081) - and Facebook
"The Glencoe Heritage Trust was set up by local crofter Alistair MacDonald, a descendant of the MacDonalds of Glencoe in order that this most scenic area of Glencoe remains in local hands.

The acquisition of the land was a rare opportunity for the local community to ensure the preservation of this unique landscape, and to raise awareness of the historical importance of their land both locally and worldwide.

When Alistair formed the trust in 2002, he could not have envisaged the impact it would have both locally and worldwide. (See Purchase Details).

Born in Glencoe, Alistair cares passionately about all aspects of life in the Glen, and believes that this famous Highland Glen deserves to be cherished for all to enjoy.

The Trust is a non profit making charity, it receives no public funding. The urgency is to repay the unsecured loans as quickly as possible in order that the lands remain as they are and not put up for sale again."
Glencoe Heritage Trust on Facebook


  1. Don't forget the National Trust for Scotland (which even Bevis claims to support), who have a long history of conservation and preservation work and are the main landowner in Glencoe.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Anonymous, although I do have reason for hesitation about recommending the NTS on two counts.

      One, I am looking for charities specific to Glencoe, the NTS are a national organisation.

      Two. I have serious reservations about their deer culling activities in Glencoe. In fact Johhny Macdonald who Highland Titles Glencoe Estates employ as their ghillie, is also employed by the National Trust for Scotland in a capacity as a stalker for deer culling, as can be verified here.

      Other NTS deer culling projects have come under serious criticism in the past too.

      While I think support for the NTS is broadly speaking fine, and I know they do some very good work. I do have reservations and concerns about the value of their deer culling activities in Glencoe.