Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Highland Titles / Lochaber Highland Estates Website Change

I see Lochaber Highland Estates / Highland Titles have changed their highlandtitles.com website. Buried deep in the FAQ page it now says the land they sell is not actually in Glencoe.

That of course will be of little comfort to all those who bought a plot thinking it was actually in Glencoe. I'd expect a lot of customers from Australia, USA, and Canada might have been caught out thinking the plots are actually in Glencoe, as they are unlikely to know the area.

No they don't put it anywhere obvious, you have to really look for it. If someone had not pointed it out to me I'd never have noticed.

They also say there is a wood in Glencoe called Glencoe Wood, I don't know Glencoe that well but have never heard of it, so I phoned my friend Roddy, he was brought up in Glencoe. He is sure there is nowhere called Glencoe Wood in Glencoe. Roddy called his dad, Roddy's dad was born in Glencoe and has never left, he's 74 and sharp as a pin. He has never heard of Glencoe Wood in Glencoe. So for whatever reason I'd recon they just made that up!

So be aware folks, the plots sold by Lochaber Highland Estates (CI) Limited / Highland Titles never have been, and to date, still are not in Glencoe. Oh they do try hard to make folks believe they are, but they are not!

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