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Highland Titles - Previous Incarnations

When I do searches for information regarding the people behind Highland Titles it seems that nobody has anything good to say about them except themselves. These are some bits and pieces I've come across, it seems they have upset a lot of people before now, here is what others have to say.

This  blog post describes some of the other dubious enterprises used by the people behind Highland Titles to dupe members of the public out of their money -

From the Daily Mirror -

"There's the ­Telephone ­Preference Service, run by the Direct Marketing Association, where at no cost you can register your phone number to stop unwanted sales calls.

Then there's Telephone Preference Register's website,, which sounds official but isn't and wants £9.99 to add you to its opt-out list.

It has just been ruled misleading by the ­Advertising Standards Authority for "leading users to infer it was a Government service".

It gives a mailbox address in London but the site is registered to the Channel Islands in the name of Lochaber ­Highland Estates Ltd.

It's linked to Peter Bevis, 56, who made a packet selling tiny parcels of Scottish woodland, Laird and Lady titles."

From a thread in a fishing forum at -

 "I get the impression that posters to this thread would like to know who has - in common sense, if not strictly legal terms - defrauded them and I think I can help. Apologies in advance for the rather long posting however.

Internet investigation by me using the Data Protection registration number quoted by the fraudulent website (Z2497964) reveals that the ‘company’ behind it is indeed called Universal Check Services, of Office 1, 26 Cleveland Road, South Woodford, London, E18 2AN. This also aligns with what is on the Information Commissioner’s Office register, but this also states that the Data Controller is QUALITY DESIGN (CI) LIMITED whose address is PO Box 140, GG, Alderney GY9 3HA, Guernsey (Note: a GY9 postcode indicates Alderney). Some further searching turns up a now defunct web site stating that Quality Design (CI) Limited is registered in Alderney as Company Number 1712.

The people behind Quality Design (CI) Limited are a Dr. Peter Bevis (full name believed to be Peter John Robert Bevis) and his daughter Laura Miriam Bevis. Peter Bevis, a former academic biologist within the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York is a Director of Lochaber Highland Estates Ltd. which sells very small plots of land in Scotland on the basis that the new owners can then call themselves a 'Laird'. Dr. Bevis is either married to or partnered with a Helen McGregor, apparently a former barrister with the Crown Prosecution Service whose legal advice is no doubt invaluable in ensuring that the risk of the family’s activities resulting in prosecution is minimal."

From thefreelibrary -'a+bit+fishy'.-a0160995732

"A LANDOWNER is selling off an aristocratic title to anyone who pays pounds 20 for a square foot of his estate.

On auction site eBay, Dr Peter Bevis also promises the right to catch salmon in his Highland grounds.

He writes: "Can you imagine your friends' faces when you tell them they must call you Lord 'Whatever' of Lochaber?"

But the angling rights have been called worthless as no mature salmon can leap the Monessie Falls, a waterfall leading to his 60,000-acre Tulloch estate.

Only juvenile salmon can be found in his stretch of the River Spean - and they are protected by law.

Fishery board member Malcolm Spence QC said: "What Bevis is doing is completely wrong. I think it would be a criminal act to fish above the falls.""

It would seem that the people behind Highland Titles have ruffled a few feathers before.

You can read more about their previous exploits by following these links:

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