Saturday, 7 April 2012

Did Highland Titles Buy Their Land For Conservation?

Highland Titles claim to have originally bought their estate to protect it from development, this claim simply does not hold up to scrutiny. In fact they sell quarter acre and half acre plots of their estate for devlopment purposes. Remember when the people behind Highland Titles called themselves Lochaber Highland Estates? This is what they said then and are still saying now. To quote from one of their own websites
"The Woodland Sites being offered may be suitable for leisure use or some sensitive development. The land is not zoned for development though temporary structures are normally permitted. However, planning permission may be possible in the future and so the plots offer an interesting long term investment"
These plots are situated on Native Scottish Woodland, development of them would result in destruction of much of that woodland, yet Highland Titles who claim to be so interested in conservation are actively encouraging development! Does anybody still believe they are very interested in conservation?

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