Saturday, 30 January 2016

Highland Titles Mob More Misleading Adverts Say Advertising Standards

Some may have missed this, we didn't! Amongst the rulings published on 20th January by the Advertising Standards Authority was one upheld against Tulloch Farm Enterprises Ltd t/a Lochaber Highland Estates, seen on the ASA website HERE

So who are Tulloch Farm Enterprises Ltd? Yes that's right, those familiar purveyors of the convincing con, part of the Highland Titles mob, Peter Bevis and his wife Helen McGregor, the founders of Highland Titles. The website complained about was, although apparently operated by Tulloch Farm Enterprises Ltd, the customer support address given on the website is, Highland Titles, York House, 52, Victoria Street, Alderney.

So what have the Bevis & McGregor dastardly duo been up to now? Well, they've been telling their customers that when they paid for a souvenir plot of land from them, they gained "full rights of ownership" (of the land). Something that they have been entirely aware for a very long time, is simply not true, and their unwitting customers therefore didn't get what they paid for.

We're not going into the Tulloch Farm reply, it seems they've found a lawyer and a barrister to give opinion that buyers get "beneficial ownership" (whatever that actually is), here. Interesting that non of the legal experts wheeled out by the Highland Titles mob, ever seem to point out exactly where in Scots law this mysterious concept of beneficial ownership is actually described, or what rights are gained if it even exists.

We will however point you to others, qualified lawyers, who are much more authoritative on matters of Scottish land law than we are, for their views on the matter. These views tend to differ markedly from the opinions of the legal experts presumably paid for by the Highland Titles mob.

Malcolm Combe, lecturer in law at The University of Aberdeen School Of Law, and an advisor to the Land Reform Review Group, gives his opinion on souvenir plot sales and Highland Titles in general, in this piece titled Highland Titles Scam.

Malcolm Combe again, with an article on ownership of souvenir plots in Scotland HERE

Giles Peaker a partner at Anthony Gold solicitors, gives his opinion of the Highland Titles mob claim that plot buyers end up owning any land HERE

Halliday Campbell, Scottish solicitors give their opinion of Scottish souvenir plot ownership HERE

We may hope that Bevis and McGregor might contact all the customers duped by their website during the time this claim appeared, and offer a full refund as the product has clearly been seriously incorrectly described. Unfortunately, experience tells us, this is extremely unlikely. 

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