Saturday, 23 January 2016

Earl Of Bradford Fake Restaurant Reviews Smear Campaign, And Yes, Highland Titles

A recent story in the Daily Telegraph reveals that restaurants belonging to the Earl Of Bradford have for many years been suffering from a smear campaign of fake reviews aimed at destroying his business. And .also that "The Earl believes the campaign is orchestrated by the owner of one of the fake title companies he exposed".

So what has this got to do with Highland Titles you ask? Well, Bradford blamed Peter Bevis of Highland Titles for some attacks quite some time ago, in writing, on his own website. Having closely reviewed the evidence, we would say, with good reason.

"Peter Bevis, the man behind Highland Titles, has responded to my explanation of why Highland Titles is a scam, by maliciously attacking my two restaurants on the Internet on online review sites, even going so far as to create a fake Daily Telegraph website review of Porters English Restaurant"
Bradford further informs there was an investigation, but the Crown Prosecution Service declined to prosecute. He also claims that Peter Bevis's wife (Helen McGregor) did at one time work for the Crown Prosecution Service.

What we do know for sure, is that Highland Titles have in the past used fake newspaper articles to bolster their image and misquote critics, a technique used in these attacks, This was the subject of an Advertising Standards Authority complaint, and reported in Private Eye magazine issue number 1339 page 11.

We also know that Highland Titles have a history of cyber bullying critics. They attacked Robin Cunninghame Graham, John Duncan, and Stephen Mosley (who complained about HT to the ASA), on the "trolls" page of their website at lairdreviews,com. They used fake identities Susan Friend and John Dixon of Simply Reviews as the supposed operators of that website. The website is not now live.

The Highland Titles mob are not the nice cuddly people they'd have you believe, they have harassed and bullied people who have expressed perfectly legitimate concerns about their operation. What respectable company would stoop to that level?

A far as we are aware, and we are very sure about this, no legal action has to date been taken against Bradford for his allegation.

Food for thought we'd say.

Oh, others have also suffered some quite horrendous cyber bullying attacks after expressing concern about "fake titles" vendors. That may well be the subject of a future post.

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