Monday, 16 March 2015

Highland Titles Peter Bevis And The EHIC Connection

A new blog has appeared recently, the author, darthula, doesn't seem very keen on the Highland Titles con artists. The first and currently only post (I hope there will be more of the same standard to come), claims that Peter Bevis of Highland Titles was behind one of the most prolific European Health Insurance Card scams of all time, namely, the now defunct website.

I had myself strongly suspected a Bevis / EHIC card connection for some time, but had never really managed to piece enough evidence together to make it stick with absolute confidence. The new blog is a tremendous piece of sleuthing, thoroughly researched, and the evidence presented is very strong indeed.

The piece doesn't confine the story to the EHIC card scam, but touches on other aspects of the Bevis / Highland Titles nasty behavior. There is evidence of vindictive attacks on critics of their schemes, a company (Uccle Ltd) in the Seychelles tax haven, fabrication of conservation work done, and more.

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