Saturday, 14 March 2015

Highland Titles Response to Twitter - Lies Guff And Misdirection

During the Twitter storm which shredded any notion that Highland Titles' customers actually own the land they now appear to have some kind of unclear "personal rights" to, Highland Titles produced a response to the Twitter critics.

I'm not currently going through he whole thing, it's riddled with guff, crap and nonsense, life is to short! Instead I'll just illustrate with one claim made how utterly dishonest Highland Titles really are. A lot on their Twitter response is in similar vein.

This is one claim made ....

"It was embarrassing to see an old Google advert of ours that mentioned “noble titles”.  Our website has never advertised noble titles"

They might even have got away with that, but fortunately there is a web service which automatically captures screen shots of websites, and there are several from Highland Titles owned website

The screen capture from that website dated 05/05/2009 says quite clearly  "For as little as £29.99 you can buy a noble title". See it for yourself here


But wait, there's more. They admit to advertising that they claimed to sell noble titles in Google adverts, but seem to  have neglected to mention some more places that still make the claim even today.

The Lochaber Highland Estates Youtube account about page, 19 Feb 2015 here

Oh look, and here on their Tradekey listing 25 Feb 2015 here

Oops, and again on their Hotfrog listing  27 Feb 2015  here

lochaber Highland Estates is what Highland Titles used to call themselves. It is the same company, they just changed the name and still operate under that name.

When Highland Titles wrote, "Our website has never advertised noble titles", as seen above, that is just a barefaced lie.

When Highland Titles wrote, "It was embarrassing to see an old Google advert of ours that mentioned “noble titles”, that may well be true, but as above, they were also advertising noble titles for sale as a matter of routine in many places other than Google, including their own website.

That is the Highland Titles way, their typical mode of operation. Make untrue claims till caught out, then remove the evidence and say they never made those claims.

This time they haven't got away with it, the evidence is still there. The links above are to archived copies of the material. These are true reflections of the websites as they were at the date the archive was taken. As they are not under the control of Highland Titles, this time they can't quite so easily just change the evidence to suit.

I don't currently intend to examine the entire Highland Titles response to Twitter, it is nothing more than a web of lies deceit and misdirection, intended to fool the gullible. As seen above, just taking one point and examining it reveals the truth. What reputable company would even try to get away with that kind of  garbage?

There is a more detailed examination of the Highland Titles response to Twitter over at the website, which covers it in a bit more detail, you might want to have a read.

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