Saturday, 28 February 2015

Do You Own Your Highland Titles Land Plot? No .... Again

Another blog giving well informed opinion that the buyers of land plots from Highland Titles do not own them in any meaningful sense. This time by Paul Cruikshank a Law and Politics Graduate from Glasgow University @PAShanky

"As we’ve said, the right of ownership is a real right. A contract can only give the right to ownership – a personal right of ownership does not exist under Scots Law. This has been confirmed in court [Burnett’s Trustees v Grainger being the leading authority on the matter]. Even if it did, what good would it do? If a personal right can only be enforced in relation to a certain group of people, how can this really be called ownership?"

"If I have a personal right of ownership against Highland Titles (which is the most I can possibly have under a contract of sale), what happens if someone else tries to move in on my square foot?  I don’t have any rights in relation to them – I’m not the ‘real’ owner. I’d be screwed."

"So what are Highland Titles actually selling? It’s fair to conclude that Highland Titles aren’t selling land. They can’t be selling a “personal right to ownership” in a square foot of Highland ground, because such a right does not exist. There can only be a ‘real right’ of ownership and they’re selling me a title which cannot be registered in the Land Register, and (as I hope is clear by now) what the Land Register says goes – so I can never get the “real right of ownership”. At most, Highland Titles are selling a right to potentially sue them for £30 at some point in the future."

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