Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Highland Titles Nature Reserve On Tripadvisor

Currently there are twelve reviews of the Highland Titles Nature Reserve On Tripadvisor, all give it the full five stars. I believe most of these reviews are unsound, as they were mainly written by Highland Titles customers who have bought plots.

Until recently there were fourteen reviews, but two have been removed after complaints. One of those was by William Melnyk, a Highland Titles vendor from the USA (slight lack of integrity there I think!). The other one which was removed was by someone who had not even attempted to visit but had still given it five stars. As an aside, Mr Melnyk used to be an Episcopal priest, but was asked to resign at the request of his parish vestry, after it was discovered he was also a practising Druid!

The danger that reviews written by plot holders are liable to be unreliable and biased is beautifully demonstrated in the review by "Iwannahorn". The reviewer did not even find the nature reserve, took pictures of an ordinary field beside it and gave it the full five stars! This reviewer it seems, believes that an ordinary sheep field which could be anywhere, is deserving of a full five star nature reserve! The unfortunate lady also includes a picture of her plot which she also clearly failed to find.

It is quite clear to me, that reviews written by plot holders really cannot be relied upon to be objective or unbiased. The "thrill" of plot ownership would appear to result in a rather "rose tinted" opinion.

There is another review by owners of self catering accommodation in nearby Ballachulish, Craigavon Cottage, as they are likely to profit from people using their accommodation when they visit, I'm suspicious that this review might also not be entirely relied upon to be completely reliable.

The fact that after over a year on Tripadvisor that there are only twelve reviews surely indicates that there are in reality few visitors. Where are all the reviews by all those local people Highland Titles claim visit? Could it be that local people don't visit it much and those that do are much less than overwhelmed by the experience?

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