Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Buy A Lord Title Laird Title or Lady Title For Christmas

Christmas is coming, and I'm sure some people out there might be tempted to buy a bit of land and a Laird Lord or Lady title as a present. Well I'm afraid there is bad news, to put it quite simply, you can't ... sorry.

Despite what some of the vendors of some of these fake titles say, it is not possible to buy any of these titles. But it says so on their website you might say, and I agree it does, but if it does, it is a con, a lie.

There are no additional rights to any titles granted with the purchase of any kind of land in Scotland. After purchase you still have exactly the same right you had before to put any word, phrase, combination of characters you feel like in front of your name, and say it is your title. Ownership of land has no bearing on the matter at all. The whole thing has been made up by the people that try to sell them!

When you pay your money for one of these fake titles, you have bought precisely nothing, naught, zilch, nada, not a thing. Anybody that claims you become a Lord or a Lady by buying any land in Scotland is conning the public, pure and simple, you get nothing for your money ... except possibly a worthless personal right to a worthless miniature plot of ground.

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As a whole, apart from the non existent titles, the land sales are themselves usually very suspect. Please get this straight. It is not possible to own a souvenir plot of land in Scotland, note the words "not possible". You see under Scots Law, the owner of the land is whoever has their name in the Land Register of Scotland, or the Register of Sasines, nobody else. Whatever fancy document they sent you, however it is worded, the best you can hope for is a personal right to the land which will only be enforceable against whoever you bought it from. If for instance they go into liquidation, you can kiss goodbye to your land, it will now belong to the liquidator, and there is nothing you can do to get back what you did not really own in the first place!

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To put it simply

If any company claims or implies you get any title as a result of merely buying land in Scotland, they are lying.

If any company claims that you can be the real owner of a souvenir plot of land in Scotland, they are lying.

Let's give these lying con merchants the Christmas they so richly deserve


Don't buy a title for Christmas

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