Friday, 11 April 2014

Stewart Borland Of Highland Titles Nature Reserve Review

My thanks to the sender of a note to point out that Mr Borland posted his Tripadvisor review before he actually worked for Highland Titles. The review was posted on 2nd August, I understand Mr Borland took up his position with Highland Titles later that same month. This report should therefore not be taken as a deliberate deception, but more perhaps forgetfulness in not contacting Tripadvisor to let them know of the position. As always I'm happy for it to be pointed out if it looks like I have made an error, and am quite happy to correct any issues. My sincere apologies to Mt Borland if I have suggested any deliberate deception on his part if this was not so.

Remember in this post we found that William Melnyk, a Highland Titles distributor in the USA, had a review published of the Highland Titles nature reserve on Tripadvisor against Tripadvisor rules? .... I can report that Highland Titles employee Stewart Borland also had a review of the nature reserve posted.

Stewart Borland from Ballachullish, of the HIghland Titles sales and marketing department, better known as their "meet & greet" man for their nature reserve, has also had his Tripadvisir review removed for violating Tripadvisor rules by having a review of the property of his employers.

The reviewers user name was CraigavonCottage, and guess what? ... yes ... Highland Titles employee Stewart, runs Craigavon Cottage as a self-catering holiday home.

Stewart Borland's "Craigavon Cottage" Highland Titles Nature Reserve Review

Further Update
Well well ... Stewart seems to have changed his Linkedin profile shortly after this post was published, apparently he's now a volunteer. Errrr Stewart, were you being a bit short on the truth before, or are you being a bit short of the truth now?

Stewart's Profile Before This Article

 Stewart's Profile After This Article

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