Thursday, 26 September 2013

Highland Titles Scam Snubbed By Glencoe Cafe

Highland Titles are always trying to make out that they are well supported locally, without providing much evidence of that of course. It seems they are not at all popular with the proprietor of the rather excellent Glencoe Café in Glencoe Village, as attested to by a post on the Glencoe Café Facebook page back in August 7th 2013.
Glencoe Café
7 Aug 2013
Regrettably, after receiving a number of enquiries from concerned local customers. Glencoe Cafe would like to make it clear that it has no association or connection what so ever with the company Highland Titles, its employees or its volunteers. Nor does it support or condone the trading practices of the said company.
 It would seem that the Glencoe Café was worried about being associated with Highland Titles through their ex employee Stewart Borland from Ballachulish who was gullible enough (I had thought Stewart was smarter than to fall for the Highland Titles guff) to become Highland Titles' meet and greet lackie.

So worried about losing local customers through that association to issue a clarification of their real position on their Facebook page.

Local support in Glencoe for Highland Titles? .... Don't think so!

A great big thank you from me and the residents of Glencoe to the Glencoe Café, for making it quite clear that Highland Titles are not welcome in Glencoe.

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