Saturday, 8 June 2013

Do You Get A Laird Lord Or Lady Title By Buying Land In Scotland?

Quite simply no you do not, I can find no reliable source which suggests that this is or ever was the case. No right to any Laird. Lord or Lady titles is conferred by way of ownership of land in Scotland. The only people it seems who claim this is true, are companies like Highland Titles and others, who stand to profit from such nonsense, it is a con, pure and simple.

I have on the other hand found several reliable sources which confirm that there is no truth to the "titles" claims of the fake Laird, Lord, Lady, Scottish land plot selling companies.

One such source is this document, written by two Aberdeen University School of Law graduates, Douglas Bain and Catherine Bury.
"The Court reminds readers that only those people who have been bestowed with a peerage can correctly use the title ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’. Similarly, the word ‘laird’ is a historical term often used by the people in a district to refer to the owner of a large Estate on which their ancestors are likely to have derived their livelihood. It is not a title and it is not possible to derive the right to be referred to as ‘laird’, ‘Lord’ and ‘Lady’ from the ownership of a souvenir plot"
Douglas Bain -  Graduate, School of Law, University of Aberdeen. Douglas Bain is writing a PhD on the use and management of common property in Scotland, and is a Teaching Fellow in the School of Law

Catherine Bury - Graduate, School of Law, University of Aberdeen. Catherine Bury is an associate in the Aberdeen office of regional law firm Ledingham Chalmers LLP, specialising in rural law.

Or how about this article from The Journal of The Law Scociety of Scotland.
"Ownership of a souvenir plot of land does not bring with it the right to any description such as ‘laird’, ‘lord’ or ‘lady"
"The words ‘lord’ and ‘lady’ apply to those on whom a peerage has been confirmed and do not relate to the ownership of land"
Who would you rather believe, two University of Aberdeen School of Law graduates and The Law Society of Scotland, or a company like Highland Titles who has been found to be telling lies, more lies, who's founder Dr Peter Bevis has been involved in other dubious enterprises before, and make use of forged fake newspaper articles as part of their mainstream advertising effort?

If you bought a plot of land in Scotland, and thought through that you gained the right to any titles, I'd thoroughly recommend you both ask for your money back, and report the matter to the relevant authorities.

Can we get this perfectly straight once and for all, you DO NOT get a title by buying land in Scotland period. Anybody who claims you do, is a liar, and probably just trying to con you out of your money.

Oops, I nearly forgot, you don't even really own the souvenir plot of land in Scotland you thought you bought, you might want to give that a read too.

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