Sunday, 2 September 2012

Highland Titles Glencoe Estates Jubilee Wood Project

The debacle that is the Highland Titles Glencoe Estates Diamond Jubilee Wood Project continues and the story has now changed substantially. Read the original post about it here. The text on their own website has recently been edited, and their own newsletter from Autumn / Winter 2012 has also been altered in an attempt to make it look like the current story has always been the story.

There is more information about this project and their original claims over at the highlandtitlesscam blog.

The changed story appeared after my original blog post (link above) and the discussion about their Jubilee Wood Project on the forum.

The claim to be "in partnership with the Woodland Trust is no longer being made, but they do apparently make a false claim that the Woodland Trust confirmed that the land was entirely suitable for planting as below.

"Highland Titles acknowledges the valuable support given by the Woodland Trust during their visit to Keil Hill to inspect the site with us in 2011. The Woodland Trust confirmed that the land was entirely suitable for planting, but that as only 50 acres of the proposed new 60 acre wood would be newly planted (the other 10 acres being existing larch woodland and birch) we would not qualify to be included in their Diamond Woods scheme"

I contacted Andrew Campbell of the Woodland Trust and he denies having ever indicated that the land is suitable for planting, either in part or as a whole. Seems like more misleading information from Highland Titles, and more claims which do not stand up when questioned.

Original Autumn / Winter Newsletter

Recently Modified Autumn / Winter Newsletter

It seems that the only advice offered by the Woodland Trust was that the site was not suitable to be included as part of their Diamond Jubilee Woods Project.

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