Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cease & Desist Notice From Highland Titles - Buy a Title Scam

Seems my little blog is upsetting Highland Titles. They issued a Cease & Desist notice. Not on grounds that I've said anything inaccurate ... nope ... on grounds of copyright infringement.
June 2, 2012
Sender Information: Highland Titles Limited trading as Lochaber Highland Estates
Sent by:  Lochaber Highland Estates
GB Recipient Information:
Google, Inc. [Blogger]
Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA 
Sent via: online form: Form
Re: Infringement Notification via Blogger Complaint
Google Form: copyright DMCA Complaint of alleged copyright infringement 
1. Complainant's Information
Company name: Lochaber Highland Estates
Full legal name of the copyright holder: Highland Titles Limited trading as Lochaber
Highland Estates
Country of residence: GB 
2. Your copyrighted work
Location of copyrighted work (where your authorized work is located):
Description of the copyrighted work:
The blogspot site is passing off as associated with Lochaber Highland Estates by its choice of name
http://lochaberhighlandestate.blogspot.com/ and by its use in the text of
words which have been trademarked by Highland Titles Limited. Examples are:
Lochaber Highland Estates, Laird of Lochaber.
Well that is a bit rich coming from Highland Titles, who themselves are not above stealing other peoples intellectual property. Remember the Glen Etive & Glen Fyne Special Protection Area map they stole from Scottish National Heritage, put their own logo on to make it look like theirs, and put on display on their website? SNH made them remove that one!

Then there is the matter of the image on their Facebook page which they do not have the copyright holders' permission to use. I'm not telling them which one and the copyright holder has kindly agreed to leave it there for the time being as evidence of copyright infringement.

Oh yes, then there was the case when Peter Bevis was involved in his fishing license con, http://highlandtitlesscam.wordpress.com/the-fishing-rod-licence-application-scam/ caught red handed using the Environment Agency’s official rod licence logo without their knowledge or permission.

They even had the cheek to infer themselves to be a Government service - "leading users to infer it was a Government service" - http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2011/09/fee-or-free-telephone-preferen.html

It is sad that the people that run Highland Titles Glencoe Estates are supposedly a distinguished professor, a lawyer, and a qualified accountant, but they stoop so low as to steal without a second thought other peoples' property. Could it possibly be that the qualifications are as fake as their titles?

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