Wednesday, 10 February 2016

#HighlandTitlesDay on Twitter 10th February

Today marks the anniversary of when @loveandgarbage replied to a promoted tweet from Highland Titles. The story of the original ensuing Twitter storm is related HERE.

The festivities fairly took off, and we were surprised by how many took part. There were many contributions from regular commentators @trewloy, @MalcolmCombe @NearlyLegal @htscam @andywightman  @stevieg1241 and many others.

We don't have time at the moment to go into blow by blow details, but Malcolm Combe has commented on the day in his blog HERE

You can see some of the highlights here

One interesting item which came up was mention of a book by Belgian journalist Julien Oeuillet titled Les Business Des Vanit├ęs. In the book there is mention of Highland Titles and let's just say it is very much less than complimentary. The book is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback form, and is in French.

Someone had even gone to the trouble of printing up anniversary t-shirts, we liked the t-shirts!

Enough for now, we are quite sure there will be more revelations to come this year, Highland Titles have certainly not given up their conning ways, and we will continue to point them out.

Until then, we wish you a happy Highland Titles Day.

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