Thursday, 12 November 2015

More Highland Titles Fake Sock Puppet Support

In our last post we found that a sock puppet had used the name of famous author Val McDermid to post nice comments about Highland Titles, when in the opinion of the real Val McDermid they are "charlatans and scammers", a view we fully support.

Now on the pro Highland Titles website (does anyone actually really believe HT are not in control of this website?), we find another sock puppet posting flattering comments in support of Highland Titles, while pretending to be "Nature of Scotland Awards". This is an award scheme run by the Royal Society For The Protection of Birds (RSPB).

The page with the comment is archived here -

The Fake Sock Puppet Comment

When asked on Twitter, the RSPB who run the awards scheme immediately confirmed that they did not post that comment.
RSPB  Twitter Question And Answer

That makes two recent comments showing support for Highland Titles, positively confirmed as being fakes made by sock puppets. One might wonder how many of the other nice comments about Highland Titles plastered all over the internet, are in fact also fakes?

There are other suspicious comments, who for instance would believe that the National Trust would take the time to post a comment (June 21, 2015 at 12:45 am) on that same page giving mountaineering advice? That really does not seem very likely does it?

Or the coincidence that someone calling themselves Chas Mac Donald would post such nice comments when there is also a Chas MacDonald, owner of the Clan MacDonald Worldwide Facebook page who has criticised Highland Titles heavily on several occasions.

Or that someone calling themselves Amanda would post scathing, possibly libelous comments, about Rob Gibson MSP, when there is an Amanda Moffet of Scotclans who is a known fierce critic of Highland Titles? Rob Gibson has noted his dislike of schemes like that run by Highland Titles, and Highland Titles have used a fake newspaper article using fake quotations from Mr Gibson to falsely bolster their image.

There are comments supporting Highland Titles which have been made using sock puppets, that is proven, and there are many other highly suspicious favorable comments.

Did Highland Titles post any of them? In my own opinion, taking into account my knowledge of how they operate and their past behaviour, there is little doubt, but as there obviously cannot be absolute proof, you'll have to make up your own mind.

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