Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Highland Titles Scam And The Wildcat Haven Connection

Recently Andy Wightman highlighted a connection between Highland Titles and a community interest company Wildcat Haven, who we are informed have some kind of Scottish wildcat preservation scheme going. Andy was less than impressed with Wildcat Haven.

You can read Andy's blog post here -

It appears that Highland Titles have donated land to Wildcat Haven which they are selling square foot plots of to raise funds. It also transpires that Douglas Wilson a director of Highland Titles, is also a director of Wildcat Haven Enterprises C.I.C with a 50% share in the company. Where have we come across Douglas Wilson before apart from Highland Titles? That's right, he was implicated in the somewhat ethically questionable website (now defunct), a website which charged "form checking" fees for otherwise free European Heath Insurance Cards.

You can read about Douglas Wilson's involvement in here -

We won't cover the story in any detail as Andy has already done that, and we're a bit short of time. What does concern us is that Andy asked Wildcat Haven the question of how much money from the plot sales goes to the cause, to which as far as I am aware he has not received an answer. On the Wildcat Haven website there is no indication of this either.

It is a worry therefore that like Highland Titles, only a tiny fraction of gross funds raised might actually go towards the cause. The direct involvement of Douglas Wilson in the company only serves to raise our concerns on this issue even more. Wildcat Haven is not a charity but a community interest company, and as such, lacks transparency when it comes to finding out where the money goes.

In an article we wrote in December last year, we found that according to Highland Titles own figures, at that time only around £1 in every £30 received was being applied to their apparent conservation efforts. We currently have no reason to believe that Wildcat Haven are any different. Their silence on the matter and close association with Highland Titles is not helping us to think differently.

It is interesting that Highland Titles have had a close association with Wildcat Haven for some time, to the point of now having a shared director. They are therefore surely very aware it is not a charity, yet back in June on their Facebook page, described it as exactly that.

From the Highland Titles Facebook page 20th June 2015, "Highland Titles are proud to have The Wildcat Haven as one of the key charities we support financially"

Archived 7 Oct 2015 20:51:19 UTC -

Oh dear Highland Titles, don't you think describing an organization as a charity which you know perfectly well is not a charity is just a little bit naughty?

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  1. Oh well just another scam when folks tell you LIES gives one an insight into how low people will go 2 make a $ (by their works ye shall know them! )