Monday, 22 September 2014

Highland Titles Nature Reserve Planning Application False Statements

You would think that any reputable company when applying for planning permission for a building of any kind would tell the truth to the local council planning department about the purpose of the planned building, yes?

Not so with Highland Titles, the rules it seems do not apply to them, and false statements regarding the purpose of a building on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve were presented to the Highland Council planning department.

The planning application for what Highland Titles currently describes variously as their Rangers Hut or visitor reception, actually described the purpose of the building as "Storage for machinery for commercial forestry" in the planning application to Highland Council.

The entire planning application can be seen here .....

No mention of rangers huts, visitor reception, electricity supply, water supply, or toilets for visitors is there ?

The application was made by a Mr Robert Wilson, who is or was (please correct me if I'm wrong), the manager of the Bevis family holiday letting business at Tulloch Farm.

Then there is the matter of the modifications to the entrance from the main A828 road for their newly constructed car park. I can find nothing in council records which would indicate that these modifications have been authorised.

I understand that Highland Council have been made aware of these concerns, but I'm informed have chosen not to take any action.

It certainly makes me wonder if there is something distinctly smelly going on here. An unauthorised development complete with an illegal entrance to and from a main road intended to be used by members of the public, I'd expect Highland Council to be more than a little concerned, but apparently they are not .... I find that more than a little strange.

If you are involved in any type of accident at this entrance, or indeed in the "Rangers Hut", you might want to contact the Highland Council and ask them for the authorisation paperwork for these developments. If they cannot supply the relevant documents I'd think you might have a very good case for taking legal action against both Highland Council and Highland Titles.

If Highland Titles are prepared to cause false statements to be made to the planning authorities, does it not seem quite likely that an awful lot of their other claims might also be false?

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