Monday, 30 June 2014

Council of Scottish Clans & Associations and Highland Titles

It would seem the Council of Scottish Clans & Associations ( are not exactly keen on Highland Titles or any other vendor of fake Scottish titles, if their Facebook post is any indication.

The text of their Facebook post reads ....

"FRIENDS DONT LET FRIENDS BUY HIGHLAND TITLES! Heads up folks - we have a serious issue to talk about. You may have heard about a Facebook company called Highland Titles. With 135,000 Likes on FB they offer the chance to buy a micro-plot of land in the highlands and by doing so - says Highland Titles - you also acquire the right to call yourself "Lord" or "Lady". NOT!

Please folks think twice about supporting a scam like this. The very fact of it scoffs at our real heritage and ancestry. We celebrate history while Highland Titles is selling fantasy. Don't buy into it and don't let your friends get caught up in this nasty business either.

To make matters worse Highland Titles also claims to be working to conserve the Scottish environment. NOT! That claim is silly and there are some really outstanding true conservation groups out there for you to support and know you are doing the right thing. Try The John Muir Trust for starters. And Trees4Scotland is an awesome project as well.

Try not to waste your paycheck on a Highland Titles scam. Do the work of discovering your own true heritage and hand THAT down to your kids. Along with a donation to a REAL conservation outfit in Scotland!

Now - one more thing. We know that Highland Titles likes to launch punitive measures at those who challenge them. Well, Pish. 'Mon the Con! We aren't alone on this - you will be finding this message popping up all over the world wide webs from good people who have had enough. So OK Highland Titles take your best shot. We would rather have you chasing us than selling people the garbage you typically purvey."

And there is a poster too which you might like to pass around .....

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