Sunday, 11 March 2012

Highland Titles Nature Reserve

Highland Titles on their website on the "we are green" page, claim to have recently acquired a 500 acre plot of land using profits, and have set up the Highland Titles Nature Reserve. There is no location given, no map provided showing the location, no disclosure of how much it cost. I have asked organisations like Scottish National Heritage and Visit Scotland if they have ever heard of it, nobody I have contacted has.

The only clue as to the location is that it is near they place they called Glencoe Wood near Duror, and within the Scottish National Heritage Glen Etive and Glen Fyne Special Protection Area. The Glen Etive and Glen Fyne Special Protection Area is vast, covering huge areas of land between Glen Kinglas in the south to Appin in the north. In short, I can't find where it actually is!

An email enquiring as to the whereabouts of the nature reserve got this response.

"The Nature Reserve is sign posted once you are in Glencoe Wood, it is basically across the stream on the opposite side to our plots within the Conservation area."

I could be wrong as I have not enquired with the Scottish Land Registry to find the owner, but I don't think they own or lease the land indicated by the above directions.

What exactly is in the Highland Titles Nature Reserve? I don't know and they are not saying, little information is given on their website.
Here is what I suspect, I can't prove it but I can speculate. I think they did not buy any land, and have said so to try to account for the money they are supposed to be spending on conservation projects. I think that as of this date, the Highland Titles Nature Reserve does not exist on any new land they have purchased.

As always, if I'm wrong and you can point me to where it is, or prove they did actually buy the land, I'll be very happy to report it here.


  1. I think you might be right here. I asked them via a comment on their Facebook page where the new 500 acres they bought is and if they have a map showing its location. My comment was deleted without reply and I am now banned from making further comments on their page.

    Dana Winters

  2. I asked Highland Titles where the new land they purchased is and if they have map showing the location on their forum, my post has never appeared.

    You should be aware that the Highland Titles community forum is a fully moderated forum, meaning that all posts are looked at by the admins at Highland Titles before they appear, so you only get to see the posts they want you to see, making it useless as a source of unbiased information.