Saturday, 28 January 2012

Introduction To The Scottish Titles Buy A Title Scam

Welcome to my Lochaber Higland Estate, ok it is just a house with a garden somewhere in Lochaber, but if folks with a one square foot plot of land can say they have an estate, I think I can too!

Companies and individuals have been selling small plots of land in Scotland for years, with the promise that by so doing you can then title yourself Laird, Lord or Lady. Something happened a while back which gave me cause to investigate this arrangement. It quickly became apparent that these people are taking advantage of peoples' vanity, lack of knowledge and confusion to make quite staggering profits, for very little effort

In fact there are no Scottish landowner titles, they do not exist at all, and the whole idea is a con.

There are many companies out there offering to sell land and titles, I don't have time to investigate them all. I'd like to initially confine myself to just one company, perhaps the biggest one with a large marketing effort behind it. The company in question is called Lochaber Highland Estates (CI) Limited, now called Highland Tites. They operate from an offshore address in the Channel Islands at, St Annes House, Victoria St, Alderney, Channel Islands, GY9 3TA. The people behind this company are Peter Bevis, his wife Helen McGregor, Douglas Wilson, and Laura Bevis.

I have evidence of Mr Peter Bevis's name being accociated with the following campanies:

Lochaber Highland Estates (CI) Limited company number 1599 - Changed to Highland Titles Ltd Highland Titles (CI) Ltd - Changed to Bought A Plot Limited in June 2016
Lochaber Highland Estates Limited (UK comapny No. SC232098 dissolved 17/10/2008 )
Quality Design (CI) Limited
Peter Bevis Trading as Quality Design
Highland Titles Ltd (Previously Lochaber Highland Estates (CI) Limited)
Tulloch Farm Ltd (SC231883) (previously known as Kerrow Properties Ltd.) (dissolved 17/05/2013)
Coastal Property Services Ltd (04441328)
Pdn Property Ltd (03301756)
Toac Ltd (SC313316 - Tulloch Outdoor Activities Centre)
Universal Check Services
Telephone Preference Register - changed to DP Services Limited (an Alderney Company) 
D P Services Limited (Alderney)
Scottish Woodland Alliance (Feeder Site For Highland Titles, probably just another Bevis company)
Tulloch Outdoor Activity Centre Ltd (name changed to Highland Activities Ltd 02 Feb 11)
Highland Activities Ltd (SC311105)
Lochaber Country Club
Peptide Delivery Network Limited
SAR Monitoring Services
SAR Leasing Ltd (name changed to Lochaber Highland Estates Limited)
Quexus Ltd (British Virgin Islands - Owns Tulloch Farm)
Tulloch Farm Enterprises Limited - Company Number: SC457446 - Incorporated 22/08/2013
Lochaber Giftware Limited - Company Number: SC457619 - Incorporated 27/08/2013
D P Services (UK) Limited - Company Number: 08662796 - Incorporated 27/08/2013
Emerald Heritage Limited - Company Number  SC471768 -  Incorporated 27/08/2013
Highland Titles Limited - Company Number SC493850 - Incorporated 22/12/2014
Uccle Limited - Seychelles International Business Company No. 94913
Highland Titles Ltd British Virgin Islands (seen on trademark application)

The Telephone Preference Register company inferred it was a Government service where people could register to stop nuisance telephone calls, but was not an official Government website, and charged unsuspecting members of the public for something they can do themselves for free. The Advertising Standards Authority have already upheld a complaint about it.

I think that is enough for my first post, in this blog I'll continue to investigate and uncover the web of misinformation, deceit and outright lies these people spin in order to make massive profits.

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